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How to regain consumers trust ? How to have a pro-active approach to this change ? Is it an opportunity or a threat ?

The world of consumption evolves and consumers habits with it. We are far from the time when marketing and nutrition information were mentionned only on the packaging ! The INCO reglementation made consumers to want more transparency and information.

There is a climate of distrust and a recurring question : what do we consume ? Not even a week without a scandal. But today, the consumer, is more connected and demanding, wanting to know everything, anytime and anywhere.

The new wave of transparency with the rise of consumer apps makes industrials and retailers to communicate every important information about ingredients, allergenes, etc...

The goal is to make the information reliable in terms of quality and traceability and to distribute it accross the appropriate channel. It will require to go beyond the legal obligations in order to regain the consumer trust.

With the participation of Auchan Retail France, Intermaché, Nestlé France and Nuxe.

Presented by journaliste Stéphane Courgeon.

11h00 - 11h30

Optimize the quality of your nutritional data

Presented by ConsoTrust and AGENA3000

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Consumer apps scanning product composition

Presented by « UFC association – Que Choisir »

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Electronic invoicing in European Union : Deployement of e-invoicing in Italie with an SDI platform

Success story of Triballat Noyal

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Roadmap EDI – 2019-2020 : a different approach to EDI

Presented by AGENA3000

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A3 PIM Industry now integrates the ConsoTrust service. It ables you to detect easily if there’s any noncompliance with the allergens in you product sheet and to calculate the Nutriscore of your products. Julien Doyen, founder of ConsoTrust, will answer your questions.

In 2018, The « UFC Association – Que Choisir » successfully launched the app « QuelCosmetic », for beauty products. Food and beverage, as well as detergents will soon be integreted. Industrials and retailers, come and discover the app.

Since january 1st 2019, every company having VAT number in Italy is requiered to send invoices to the SDI platform. Triballat Noyal will present the project and share it’s experience.

The deployement of SLA, configuration automation, trade management via ESB, flow traduction in JSON : AGENA3000 team will review projects of 2019 and introduce the 2020 plan.

11h45 - 12h15

What makes a product sheet « impeccable » ?

Presented by AGENA3000

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Roadmap PIM – 2019-2020 : PIM, a tool that adapts to new markets

Presented by AGENA3000

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Data governance, a strategic issue

Presented by Christine Maucourt, founder of Osallia

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A3 E-Invoicing, THE solution for a legal invoicing on the multichannel market

Presented by DPII

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There are many goals to your product sheet management : to inform, to reassure and to sell. Today, in this omnichannel retail, your product sheet must be true to the standards, complete and reliable for your clients and consumers. How can you build an efficient « Data Chain » in order to value your products and garantuee their data quality ?

We will review 2019’s projects and present the 2020 ‘s perspectives, organized around major goals of optimizing your data quality and delivering more and more API in order to interconnect all of your solutions. Discover our evolutions and how we are going to deploy more categories in GDSN (beauty, fashion, healthcare..)

« I consume what I want, when I want, where I want » … The market changes and consumers needs too, always with higher expectations. The data becomes a necessity in order to meet these requirements. How do we determine the role, the competence and the positioning of Data management. Is it about the global strategy or human implication ? Which method to follow ?

A3 e-Invoicing manages every type of invoice : paper, EDI and PDF, in compliance with European regulations. Our partner, DPII will share with you the major issues in a « e-invoicing project », international tendancies and main functionalities. Every participant will be able to calculate the ROI, without any commitment.

13h45 - 14h45

CodeOnline Food, free you product data !

GS1 launches CodeOnline Food, a service for digital product information management, created by and for Food and Beverage industry in France. Discover the secrets of this key ingredient, the reliable source of information for everyone, even consumers. CodeOnline Food is ideal to digitize your product information.

15h00 - 15h30

A3 Agile Analytics : your DATA also creates value

Presented by AGENA3000

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Digitize your product information with an omnichannel approach

Success story of Beiersdorf

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Deploy successfully and internationnaly your PIM solution

Presented by Schneider Electric

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Monitor you commercial agreements with A3 TPM

Presented by AGENA3000

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Your data exchanges (PIM, orders, deliveries, invoices, receipts) create value through the transactions you make. The exchanged data is unfortunately never totally identical between different back-offices, from one end to the other in the data chain. With our new app A3 Agile Analytics, you will be able to identify these differencies in order to offer more reliable information, be more efficient and productive.

Beiersdorf will explain how to create a digital content for your products and sell better on the omnichannel market, through the project deployed in collaboration with PICXYZ.

Schneider Electric will explain how the company deployed A3 PIM Industry in France and in it’s international subsidiaries (20 countries, 5 continents). Process, method, timing, and traps to avoid in order to succeed.

Manufacturers need a reliable tool to help them manage their commercial agreements. These agreements , which are established with retailers to ensure that products are pushed commercially in store can also represent a considerable expense ! A complete and close monitoring of the operation is therefore needed to avoid losing the plot and to closely monitor your margins.

15h45 - 17h00

CONFERENCE A Different Perspective :
Develop your Soft Skills

Every company is in search of creative, motivated and engaged employees. Therefore, it’s important to encourage them to cultivate a balanced life and to become more productive, without forgetting well-being at work. More than ever, relationships are crucial factors for success or failure of a company, but also for fullfillement of people. Far from a simple skill, « soft skills » could be the key element to develop in making a difference in your professional life. This conference will help you to increase your motivation and productivity in order to reach your personal and professional goals.

Presented by Benoît Chalifoux, speaker and writer.

17h00 - 18h00


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